We aim to help brands grow by on the road as well as online advertising

Give us a call today, we will put together an advertising plan suited to your business.


We help you decide on the most appropriate brand communication strategies for your business

We will arrange a conversation with you to understand your product and your target market. We will then use this to come up with an advertising plan that helps you reach both online customers as well as customers who prefer seeing a physical presence

Trailer Advertising

4m X 2.5m Ad Trailer

  • Currently not available
  • 6 Months contract
  • Printing included in price
  • Artwork excluded

6m X 3m Ad Trailer

  • R 6 750 pm on a 6 month contract
  • R 7 250 pm on a 3 month contract
  • R 8 500 pm on a month to month option
  • Printing costs: R 4 500 (once off)
  • Artwork excluded

Stage Trailer

  • From R 1 000 per day
  • Get a stage that can be setup in hours
  • 6m X 4m
  • Perfect for quick events

Benefits of Trailer Advertising

Trailer Advertising has become extremely popular due to it being one of the most effective advertising strategies.

Why Choose Us and Why Trailer Advertising Works


Trailer Advertising is much easier to see that most other forms of advertising due to it being at eye level.

It is mobile which means that you can reach different customers every week

Trailer Advertising is cheaper than other forms of outdoor advertising when considering the cost per square metre.

We can place the trailer in a location most suitable to your business allowing better targeting of customers close to you.


Images courtesy of our partner Simplyvisiblesa

Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads

  • R 500 pm for managing your ads
  • You choose a budget
  • Facebook allows you target people based on interest, location, job titles.
  • Get free Instagram ad management if you take this

Instagram Ads

  • R 500 pm for managing your ads
  • You choose a budget
  • Instagram is perfect for visual adverts and allows you to target people based on interest, location
  • Get free Facebook ad management if you take this

Google Ads

  • R 500 pm for managing your ads
  • You choose a budget
  • Google Ads allow you to target people based on location who are currently searching for your product or service

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